Handali village 4 29 07
St John's Handali 4 29 07
Children of St. John's, Handali, TZ
4 29 07
Former pastor Gaula Given meets former parishoners 4 29 07
Offering Basket
McCann's presenting their gift to Mrs Silla at St John's, Handali 4 29 07
The joy of giving St John's Handali
4 29 07
Palm Sunday Fufu Parish, Catechist, Revs. Kamara, Sudayi and McCann, Ann Conger, Bobsie Turner TZ 4 1 07
Palm Sunday in Fufu, Tanzania 4 1 07
Good Friday Apr 6 2007
Msalato Girls' School
The Stations of the Cross Turkana Tribe Stations (N. Kenya)
The McCann's and Sokoine Church Maasai young men on Easter Day, 2007
Father (Paul Mbokoso) with son being baptized on Easter 2007 by Pastor Hafermann
Sasine Letitika Receiving the certificate of Easter baptism 2007 Sokoine, TZ.
Ann and Maasai young men after Easter service at Sokoine, TZ April 7 2007
Shading the computer screen from the sun so to see 2006 pix Easter 2007
Looking at pix of Bobsie they took on their phone! April 8 2007
Martin and the modern Maasai motorcyclist April 8, 2007
St Thomas Church Matumbulu
Apr 22 2007
Canon and Mrs. Sudayi with Sandy and Martin at after church luncheon Apr 22, 2007
Tumaini Libray 4 13 07
Buck and Steve receive Wagogo ties! Apr 24, 2007 McCann's home in TZ
All Souls' Cathedral Manyoni TZ April 25, 2007
Rebecca's family's home was destroyed in Bahi flood of 2007
Children of Bahi in front of a home with only one room remaining 4 26 07

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